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What do these three tags have in common? Discussion tomorrow.



TOMORROW: These are reminder tags for customer service. MPH is Mariano’s in Dallas, reminder to ‘make people happy’, OMG is Friday’s UK’s, that while serving millions of guest a year that each one counts thus ‘one memorable guest. The granddaddy is the plus,  – minus – zero – theory I used at Friday’s. So what’s the big deal? In spite of the huge return on effort, it is the exception to find and receive exceptional customer service. I have seen the excellent results of these three reminders but for each one of these three I have seen thousands that are just empty reminders. One of the biggest mysteries of business is WHY? We address this question in Triceptive. 

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A problem for governments and businesses alike is non-productive work, or busy work. Sweat is often confused with productivity. A cluttered desk, long hours, even dedication can be confused with results. We devote a major focus in the book to process vs results. Today my research yielded a startling new example of process (non-productive work)  robbing a business of productivity and therefore the ability fairly care for employees and customers alike. I have no way of putting a full measure to how much human effort is consumed in process that  is of no real value. Waste profits no one!



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Gen X – Y – M Evaluated by S

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I have virtually been assaulted on the topic of generational differences in the work force in many of my research conferences. Big concerns about how different the work force is today. Well I am sure you have heard the term let history be the judge. Being a part of history and a member of the ‘S’ generation, I will address this topic in the book. Like most of what I did when running Friday’s, it will not fit todays conventional wisdom. It will fit a new management theory, like the rest, based on common sense and actual practice. Oh, for the defination of Generation ‘S’ check the Feb  archives ‘Who am I’, it’s worth finding.

This post was personally written by Dan Scoggin, antique canoe salesman, Friday’s Founder and creator of ‘elegant clutter’.

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