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Generally associated with the worlds religions or organizations like the Boy Scouts, I relate principles to a life well lived and the best way to run any  business or organization. My years of experience have convinced me that the most profitable,  and fun, way to run any organization is through a foundation of principled core values. These values when put to a standard of excellence, with a clear set of goals make up the management formula we call ‘tricept’. This is the formula that was the basis of Friday’s founding theories and philosophies. My upcoming book teaches this formula which is the ‘why’ part of the equation and then with my legendary metaphors we begin the learning of  the ‘how‘. To  fully understand why this is only the beginning of the ‘how’, you need to read the definition of education in the book. What?!?! of course this is shameless book promotion! 

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Antique Canoe Dealer



For Sale but not by me

I needed business cards because I was tired of writing all my information on scraps of paper. Our training company, when fully developed, will operate under the name of TriCept, LLC. So we have a name and logo for the card but I still needed a title. With a little tongue in cheek, Casper suggested the title of “‘Antique Canoe Dealer.”

Why is that so funny? Well, it the only reference that can be found of my existence in the T.G.I. Friday’s website. If you haven’t heard, I founded Friday’s. But even better than that, I invented Potato Skins!  Personally, I think it’s rather humorous and speaks volumes that I’m considered a world-renowned Antique Canoe Dealer. Frankly, I wouldn’t bring it up here but I have been handing out a lot of business cards  and didn’t want to start getting orders for antique canoes!

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Based on the Standard of Excellence

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Dan Scoggin

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