I love it! Excellence is a never ending quest. Years ago, while developing DALT’S, a second concept at Friday’s, we conducted an extensive search for the worlds best FRESH french fry. We found it and conducted a high quality covert operation, decoding the recipe. DALT’S fries were an absolute HIT! Fresh fries are hard to find, let alone great fresh fries. If I told you the formula, you would understand why. The process began with how and how long the raw potatoes were stored and ended after ¬†mutli-stage processing with the final frying in a special oil blend. Wow! A major effort but they were very, very, GOOD !

Jim West was a party to this successful quest. Jim, as a part of his restaurant empire, has a food truck in Philadelphia, called Joe’s Spuds (google ‘joe spuds food truck). Today, he told me, in a further quest for excellence, that he had developed new improvements for the DALT’S ¬†process and is continuing to searching for more. After learning about these improvements, on a secure line, I was very impressed and can hardly wait to try them!


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