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Mediocre just isn’t Fun!


Working on my book about the early near failure of T.G.I.Fridays resurrected a lot of memories. First and biggest is the memory of WINNING, the energy and yes fun that comes from going for EXCELLENCE  and being a winner. The next memory is that of the MAJORITY saying ‘it can’t be done’,’ it doesn’t have to be that good’, ‘we can let it go this one time’, ‘they won’t notice… get the idea. My goal is to tell the story of Friday’s success and how we over came the MAJORITY and how you can too. The funny thing is it is so simple and so much FUN!


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Enthusiasm – Where is the switch?

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It’s easy to find quotes, pictures, posters almost an endless supply of material, extolling the virtues of enthusiasm. We all love to be enthusiastic.It’s a great feeling. It seems to give us and endless supply of energy, so that we can go on tirelessly doing what we are enthusiastic about. I have found the on/off switch!  It’s mediocrity! It is an absolute, mediocrity turns the switch off and excellence turns it on. Think about it next time you are in a business environment, IS IT AN ENTHUSIASTIC  ONE?  

“Only the mediocre are always at their best.” – Jean Giraudoux


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