imageimageimageimageimageimageimage It is so refreshing to see EXCELLENT RESULTS!

The FOOD HYGIENE RATING above is a BIG DEAL, as anyone in the food service industry can attest. The rating above is not just for a single restaurant but the entire chain in the UK!!! If you have read the blog in the past, this is further confirmation of the ‘Tale of Two Friday’s’ and the presentation of ‘The Founder’s Award” I made to Karen in London recently. Karen and her Friday’s Family are the reincarnation of the ‘ORIGINAL FRIDAY’S‘. Friday’s UK has achieved what we call LEVITATION which is the beneficial balance between the employe, customer and company resulting in each side increasingly benefiting the other. This RESULTS in increased sales, employe benefits and company profits. Friday’s UK leads it’s competition and the balance of Friday’s worldwide by a large margin in all three areas and continues to accelerate. We call that the ‘Magic of LEVITATION!! Oh, and you can read about it in THE book! (I know but I have to plug the book – I do tell Karen’s story as a happy ending)

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