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“A quick way to end the debate is to look at the RESULTS!” ~ Daniel R. Scoggin

I have long advocated it is foolish to argue with a liar because they have an endless supply of “facts”! Now, I am not calling anyone a liar but sometimes business leaders and politicians can be pretty loose with the “facts” and can be very good at presenting “them”. When evaluating management strategies, management teams, employees and investments, it is best to cut through the “spin” and just look at results. It is often hard to do because of emotion,  buzz words, acronyms and slick  power point presentations. So focus on finding the truth, remove the emotion, cut through the dazzle and just look at the metaphorical 2+2=4.

“Talk is cheap but reality and results are great equalizers.” ~ Daniel R. Scoggin

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“To decode, Process, Politics and B.S, measure & accept only RESULTS!”  What we all want is RESULTS and what we get is beautiful explanations of why ‘IT‘ didn’t happen. Such good explanations, in fact, we feel lucky things aren’t worse than they are. See how often you hear the question asked, answered or how often you can get a simple yes or no answer to a question. I understand the mechanics of this process, I went to what I call “Charm School” when we took Friday’s public. Our publicist sent me and I learned how to not answer questions. If you really want the facts, truth or know what is really happening, just listen to the RESULTS!

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