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We are in what is called the information age. So it is logical to assume that we are more informed. The world has always faced major issues but in this age of enlightenment you would think we would be more informed about these issues and their solutions. It is true that we are in the information age and researching the issues is pretty easy (remember I am a Techno-Geezer). With that in mind try and have an informed discussion of today’s major issues and causes. I don’t care what your stand on the issues happens to be, as long as it has some basis in fact. You can try to have a fact based discussion about – solar power – wind power – charitable organizations – political parties – global warming – gun control – immigration – history – oil exploration – economics – organic foods – electric cars – taxes – the list of issues is endless and if you are armed with facts you will probably be the only one in the room. Emotion, misinformation and feelings manipulated by politicians and and special interests rule!  We are led to believe one thing, when the facts indicate the opposite is true. Pick an issue and independently become informed on both sides of the issue (it will be enlightening!). Then try and have an informed discussion. I am not advocating a side I am advocating being independently informed about what ever side you choose. IT IS JUST COMMON SENSE!

BOOK PLUG: “When in doubt look at the results!” – Daniel R. Scoggin

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