“The Company airplane, is to me, what a rolled up newspaper is to a dog” – Pat Burns


“A quick way to end the debate is to look at the Results.”Daniel R. Scoggin

“Never argue with a liar, they have a limitless supply of arguments.” ~ Daniel R. Scoggin

“Focus on the RESULT not the PROCESS. Achieving the RESULT will create an effective process.” ~ Daniel R. Scoggin

“Your core values should be an actionable inspiration for a lifetime in your personal and professional life.”~ Daniel R. Scoggin

“Don’t confuse improving mediocrity with excellence.”~ Daniel R. Scoggin

“There is always a way!” –  Daniel R. Scoggin

“Inherent in every success are the seeds of failure.” – Daniel R. Scoggin

Process is like putting a slinky on an escalator – a lot of activity without going anywhere.” – Daniel R. Scoggin

“Focus on the care of your employees and customers and your profits will take care of themselves.” – Daniel R. Scoggin

“Accountability is an essential management component; it builds morale and rewards the best efforts.” – Daniel R. Scoggin

COMPROMISE of principle is a bottomless pit.” – Daniel R. Scoggin

“Great companies are founded on principles, standards and goals; empowering the organization to act with a common purpose.” – Daniel R. Scoggin

Trying to compromise EXCELLENCE  is like trying to let a little air out of a balloon with a hat pin.” – Daniel R. Scoggin

When EXCELLENCE becomes difficult, which it always is, there are those that take an easier route, it’s called MEDIOCRITY.”  – Daniel R. Scoggin

“Talk is cheap but reality and results are great equalizers.” Daniel R. Scoggin 

“Principled Management builds consistency and trust while empowering the organization with the freedom to act.” – Daniel R. Scoggin

“Education is not a badge you wear, it is knowledge you employ.” – Daniel R. Scoggin

“Success is not a name, trade dress or slogan; it is results performed to a standard of EXCELLENCE!”  – Daniel R Scoggin

“Mediocrity creates opportunity; so opportunities abound.” – Daniel R. Scoggin

“In every apparent disadvantage, there is an unapparent advantage.” – Daniel R. Scoggin

“Reveling in mediocrity is, well, pretty mediocre.” Daniel R. Scoggin

“The answer is systems and training, not a reduction of product quality and offerings.” –  Daniel R. Scoggin

“Effort without results is meaningless.” – Daniel R. Scoggin

“Feel good management or feel good results – take your choice.” – Daniel R. Scoggin

“Test your plan, what is the real goal, profits or customer satisfaction.” – Daniel R. Scoggin

” Dan’s ‘universal’ law – problems and solutions were created in pairs. There is a match; you just need to find it.” – Daniel R. Scoggin

” Making it simple does not mean making it superficial.” – Daniel R. Scoggin

“Values trump rules.” -Daniel R. Scoggin

“Pioneers don’t live by rules, they live by results!” – Daniel R. Scoggin

“Excellence by its nature cannot be a part of compromise for then it immediately becomes mediocre.” – Dan Scoggin

“Results trumps rules, values trumps everything.” – Daniel R. Scoggin

“You can break rules but not values.” – Daniel R. Scoggin

“Look past the bugs on the windshield to see the road. Don’t focus on today’s problems – focus on your vision.” Daniel R. Scoggin

“Compromise of principle, breaks trust and is a bottomless pit.” Daniel R. Scoggin