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Time to finish the book

My previous blog was the speech I prepared for the Friday’s UK reward conference in Orlando.  I am usually pretty cool in front of an audience but I was so inspired by the energy in the room with a feeling that I have not experienced since my days with Friday’s, that I struggled with emotion.  The sign outside the door read, “If it’s real you’ll feel it.” It was and I did, I was with family, and it felt ‘real’ good.  I am inspired and heading to my ‘happy place’ which is my boat and plan to sprint to the finish with my writing.  Our working title “Triceptive” is starting to get competition as we approach the finish.  In the end I am sure the final word for the title will come from our agent and publisher.  TriCeptive will remain the important central theory in the book.

P.S. A special thanks to all the Knights of the Round Table, Jimmy Skeadas and George Barton for all the time and incredible input you generously gave during my time in Orlando

A tale of two Friday’s

     Once upon a time in a land far, far away an errant Lord named Alan discovered a magical forest.  This forest was filled with bluebirds, flowers, rainbows, fun and laughter.  There was happiness aplenty and people far and wide came to visit.  In time, Lord Alan’s magical forest grew by leaps and bounds.  Fair maidens and brave knights gathered in large numbers from all over the kingdom to visit the forest.  Soon a young enterprising Prince named Dan was drawn into the forest.  He was delighted and said to Lord Alan, “This is much more than a magical forest; it is an enchanted forest.”  Upon closer examination, Lord Alan agreed and joined Prince Dan on his quest to captivate the entire world with the forest.  The people were pleased.  After many years of happily living in the forest, Prince Dan was called to navigate the oceans of the world.  He left the care of the enchanted forest to another.
     Years later, upon Prince Dan’s return from the sea, he was saddened to find the forest quiet.  All the laughter was gone.  The fair maidens and brave knights were nowhere to be found.  Determined to repair these injustices and return laughter to this enchanted land, Prince Dan began writing a manuscript which set forth all the keys to the kingdom.  He diligently explained his philosophies and theories of how to make this land the best in the world.  But still, he was saddened because there was no happy ending to his story.  Then a miracle occurred.  Fair Princess Karen appeared from out of nowhere as if a gift from above and said, “Oh no, the enchanted forest is not gone.  It may still be found in the United Kingdom.”  Much to Prince Dan’s delight he found this to be true.  Princess Karen had discovered the forest and understood it’s magic.  Because she was wise and fair, she surrounded herself with noble and just knights at her red and white round table.  Together, they worked diligently to make the forest enchanted once again.  When they were done, they were delighted to find they had discovered the Holy Grail.  With all of their efforts, the fair maidens and brave knights came back in droves to enjoy the bluebirds, flowers and rainbows once again.  Even better, they all ordered potato skins.
                                  The End
Princess Karen
“If you believe strongly enough you can make anything come true.”


Last night I watched a documentary on McDonald’s near failure, 10 years ago and there is plenty of ink about Sear’s, Wards and the many failing retailers.  I just finished reading a large number of business help books as research looking for the answer to this question.

The question is not what you think. Everyone knows the answer to the first question “why are they failing?”  The real question is why do we repeat ourselves and act surprised at the result!!!!! The bottom line for the Big Mac movie was……..wait for it………..”back to basics!” Q – S – C!  They almost tubed the biggest restaurant company in the world and the answer was “BACK TO BASICS!!!

The ‘Four Walls Theory’ addresses this problem and the problem of proper focus on the basics. We used this ‘back to basics’ theory to save Friday’s from the “Success Syndrome”!


We are in the design phase. Happy to receive your IDEAS!

Triceptive – Principles for Business, Management, and Life.

Daniel R. Scoggin

“Oil Well Syndrome”


 We all want things to be easy.  If they are not then we look for ways to make them that way.  The marketplace is filled with easy this and easy that.  When it comes to life’s bigger issues we continue this thought pattern.  There is nothing wrong with this unless it misleads us or makes us into quick fix junkies.  There are some who think getting their degree will solve their problems and make life easy.  Criminals think the next big ‘job’ and things will then be easy.  I call this the “Oil Well Syndrome”.  Drill that one big life’s gusher and then relax and enjoy life.
I believe we have ready for your assembly the components for personal and business success.  This is not easy but it is simple.  It cannot be reduced to a list or a simple set of rules anymore than you, as an individual, can be defined in such a way.  The Triceptive formula is very straightforward.  It must stand on your core values and beliefs which must embrace the standard of excellence and the Triceptive definition of ‘honesty‘, the ‘expanded’ definition.
Why EXCELLENCE?  It is the only STANDARD that provides the FUEL, creates the energy, excitement and what we call FRIDAY’S FUN!!!  Show me an excited mediocre anything!
Why HONESTY?  It is the number one feast for the human spirit.  It opens the floodgate of creativity and free exchange of ideas.  The light of this positive culture eliminates management fiefdoms and intimidation.  We describe it in Triceptive and Apple hints to it as “Fearless Feedback!”  You never tire of this environment.
Coupled with your core principles and a clear goal, these two powerful forces applied to maximizing the benefits all to sides of the triangle are the beginning of one of the most exciting experiences once can have as a leader!  Add to this the tools, definitions and commonsense management insights and I think you will want to adopt my founding motto, “be the best – have fun – make money“.

Thanks for following,

Dan Scoggin is near completion of his long awaited book. Like FRIDAY’S DEBUT, the launching party, and subsequent 70’s bus tour will be FUN! 
Here is a preview of the books soul.

Which do you VALUE most?

 Writing Triceptive illuminated a couple of paradoxes. Pier 39 is one of the highest volume tourist attractions in the U.S. The wide variety (pun intended) of people, makes for people watching at it’s finest. We consistently see kind and polite behavior, generates the same behavior in return. We have seen this in our travels. One of the most delightful demonstrations, at the queue for the Lions Gate Bridge in Vancouver, BC. Everyone wins here and traffic moves nicely by simply taking turns.

The Triceptive method of management and it’s reliance on honesty proves another obscure truth: “The quickest way to the pot of gold you seek, is through honesty.”

Why, then, is is so rare?      Wait for it……… the book!

The customer the company MONEY and you!?

Seems like an easy equation but based on understanding  it’s not. I am not going to wax political here, that’s not my area and while similar, it’s totally different. I was, however, surprised how hard it is to get the true understanding of this relationship, when building a companies culture. Once you have gained a true and balanced understanding it is a HUGE tool that works for  everyone in the equation. Yes, another shameless pitch for  the book!

COMING SOON: Coast to coast book signing on the Magic Bus. No drugs will be involved in the design and decor of the bus….it will just look like it!


Ain’t that a shame!

Sincerity can be shocking. I have become so numbed to the food servers required check back ‘How’s the food?’ During my recent Texas trip, Casper, Stroke of Genius and I were having dinner at a  steakhouse and I was actually shocked when our young server truly wanted to know how my food tasted and if I was enjoying it. It was just like a family member who had cooked the food themselves and was concerned that you like it. Ain’t that a shame! We have become so numbed to insincere that sincere is shocking!

One of my teaching metaphors is called the ‘employee’s cloak’  it teaches against dawning the cloak of a personality foreign to your own. The restaurant server one goes…….Hi… ….name ….Johnny…I … will… be… your server…tonight… would…you… like …something….to drink…besides …water. All in a strange voice and cadence, totally un-natural . That was the efficient cloak the warm friendly cloak comes just before the bill and tip time!

I think we like Costa Rica so much be cause they say and mean ‘con mucho gusto’  with much pleasure!

This is your Captain speaking!

Magic Bus tour
Dan & Sandy or ‘Dandy”

 The Magic Bus Tour is designed to bring joy an happiness to all. If you see through that, how about, The Magic Bus Tour is designed to sell books. The truth is it will do both. It has been suggested ‘tickets to ride’ should be automatically issued to couples who either got married in the phone booth or at least met at Friday’s. There are several other feats accomplished by Friday.s customers, on premise, but we haven’t figured out how to verify them? Any suggestions?.

I HATE mediocrity!

 I don’t hate many things but I do hate medocrity. In any human effort it is such a waste of life. At the age of 75 I have a little different perspective (I think improved!), it’s all about about achievement (results) past, present and future. Excellence is good, medocrity is pathetic. Flying back from a meeting with Casper, we are in the final stages of writing the book, I had the honor of sitting next to a U.S. Marine. Shawn Pickell, recently retired from the Corp, was flying out to see his nephew graduate from Marine boot camp. Shawn was an instructor, not the drill type, but motivational and training for recruiters. What a blast to swap ideas and tools of the trade. The bottom line is you don’t have to wonder where a Marine stands or question his honor and pride. Such a pleasure to talk to him. Shawn when you read this, thanks for some great ideas.

I have never met a mediocre Marine!