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I, like many of us, have always said I am going to write a book. Supporters have said. ‘yeah, you ought to write a book’. I have always been principle driven. One of those principles has been you must confront your fears. So when sitting on the boat , alone  in the Sacramento Delta,  it dawned on me the reason I had not written a book, was because I was afraid, so it then became imperative. I began writing and quickly realized, while I had a lot to say, I was a better public speaker than writer. I called my long time friend and associate Mikie Baker, AND before I could get the words out she said, ‘it’s about time!’ As we near the finish of the project I will share a couple of thoughts.

First, writing a book is like standing in front of an audience without your clothes on!  Second, and I quote my hero:

“If you are working on something exciting that you really care about, you don’t have to be pushed. The vision pulls you.” ~ Steve Jobs


P.S. I will share a comment from one of our  editors on the ‘Results’ Chapter, “This chapter is the foundation of a subversive plot to overturn a sluggish economy, recession, unemployment – and instigate a complete change in our government! Dan Scoggin must lead this charge! Dan, it’s never too late! Go for it! You got my vote!!! – Forrest


Forrest’s comments makes me feel better about being on stage but  my only interest in politics is being KING!

Dan Scoggin’s book’s working title is ‘Triceptive’. It is about the founding principles of T.G.I.Friday’s, early turn around and subsequent success. It’s about principled decision making in business & life.

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Magic Bus – candidate

467 BMR for Colgate Israel - exterior



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Success & Fun

Life should be FUN!  I have never observed having FUN detracts from the quality or quantiy of result, quite the contrary I have observed just the opposite. The UK branch of Friday’s family was in Orlando for a FUN reward trip recently. Their performance has been exceptional and they have had FUN  achieving it. When I visit most successful businesses there is an air of excitement and yes, FUN. Triceptive, the theory, is about how you achieve  this, FUN, for the three participants in any business, the customer, employee and company. Magic happens when you achieve this FUN  on a balanced basis, read about it in my book we call the magic “levitation”.

spyglasshatTriCept comp_1[1]

My FUN  motto:  “I like nonsense, it wakes up the brain cells. Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living, it’s a way of looking at life through the wrong end of a telescope. Which is what I do, and that enables you to laugh at life’s realities.” Dr. Sesuss

Wow! (says it all)

Margherita-Capt. Dan-Soledad & Sarah 

Margherita gets my ‘best sales person of the decade’ award! For the book I have worked very hard researching Apple, Ritz Carlton, Southwest Airlines, Four Seasons and I could list fifty more companies in search of how to give customers the BEST experience. Margherita exceeded all the points of service, attitude lessons and problem solving techniques, these companies teach. More importantly, however, she exceeded my value and principle driven methods. (Oh yeah….you can read about them in the book).

My quest: a mobile office. I often carry two computers, an iPad, manuscript, mobile scanner and a lot of connectors. On top of that there are all the research files!  We were in Las Vegas last week next to Fashion Mall. I had already visited several stores in my quest and was tired, grumpy and discouraged. I then walked into the Tumi store and was met by my new heroine and everything changed. Everything I am trying to artfully explain in the book she did well beyond my expectations. 

Here we go.  As we entered the store she immediately and this is important genuinely made us feel welcome. Next, her enthusiasm and cheerfulness removed my ‘grumpy’ and revitalized my quest. She carefully listened to the requirements of my quest and then, in a very informed way, not only outlined the in store solutions but those of the entire Tumi line. There was no steering, up selling or focus other than helping me find the best solution. I told Margherita that one of my requirements for anything I buy is that it makes me look cool, (No looking at me in the picture above and laughing! I can try), she even finessed this one and told me Tumi was my brand.

I left with the coolest looking mobile office, on rollers, made of leather (looking cool) and in a very good mood. I also left with a great example of excellent service for my book. 

P.S. The story dosen’t end there. I called Margherita’s boss Sara Calvert. We had a great chat and it was obvious the qualities I saw at the store run deep in the organization. Later when I returned to the store with a Tumi bag that had not been monogramed (remember looking cool). Margherita was working her magic on another customer but easily handled the multi-tasking challenge and I returned later for my cool freshly monogramed bag. The next time I returned an associate, Soledad continued the magic. I told her I needed a spare cord bag for my rolling office and she happily gave me a discontinued color at no charge! (She didn’t even know that I am a soon to be famous author!) I am adding Tumi to my research list. I am impressed.

If you think you can………

“If you think you can do a thing or think you can’t do a thing, you’re right.”
                                                                                                    Henry Ford 

Excellence requires a ‘can do’ attitude, sometimes it takes a ‘can do’ attitude over and over again until you finally get it! Throughout Friday’s history we succeeded in doing the impossible. Sunday brunch with ‘fresh’ hollandaise sauce for Eggs Benedict and Eggs Sardou.  We served white table cloth food in a ‘high volume’ casual theme restaurant……impossible! We did it!

For years I would take ‘can’t do’ management staff to a place in Scottsdale called Pischke’s.  Prior to going I would show them his extensive menu and tell them of the lines out the door.  The quality and service spoke for itself.  The first impression upon entering Pischke’s, was how crowded the place was and the second impression was how small the kitchen was.  After having a great meal with good ticket times we would go back to see their elaborate kitchen and ponder the possibilities.  Pischke’s sold bumper stickers with their motto.   I even put one of his bumper stickers on the boat.  It reads: “NO SNIVELING!”.

I have been struck while writing the book and doing research at the preponderance of negative can’t do attitudes.  As I teach in the book there are many who have become very polished at explaining why it can’t be done or why it didn’t happen.  (I am not into politics so I won’t mention politicians.) Sadly, many I have studied accept mediocrity instead of ‘going for it’ they just skillfully explain it away. For Sandy’s and her mother’s birthday, my brother-in-law took us to ‘Mystere’ at show in Las Vegas.  If you or your associates are plagued with a ‘can’t do’ attitude, go to this show, watch what they do and just TRY and think ‘can’t do’ now THAT is something that  CAN’T BE DONE. 

Irreverence & Excellence!

Reduced to ‘Quite Moment”

‘Hostile Takeover’ was published without my knowledge. Many things I am now finding out were done by the Friday’s family without my knowledge. The result you see above,  I am cowering in the forward cabin of my boat with my handicap certified dog ‘Boomer’. The bottom line is, we had the best people, the best results and the best time of anyone in any business!! We will talk about why we produced exceptional results and how you can duplicate these exceptional results in your life.  So get ready to read  ‘The Book’!

Wow, and we are almost finished.

Antique Canoe Dealer

For Sale but not by me

I need business cards because I was tired of writing on scraps of paper. Our training company when fully developed will operate under the name of TriCept, LLC. So we have an name and logo for the card but I needed a title. With a little tongue in cheek someone suggested ‘Antique Canoe Dealer’ since that’s the only reference that can be found on T.G.I. Friday’s web pages of my existence.  Personally, I think it’s pretty funny and speaks volumes. I wouldn’t bring it up here but I have been handing out a lot of business cards  and didn’t want to start getting orders for antique canoes!

Based on Core Theories and Philosphies 

Hostile Takeover!!!

Warning! This Triceptive Blog has been taken over by an unknown source. We know who Mr. Scoggin is and have heard many of his stories. In fact our group has been scarred for life by all the fun Mr. Scoggin let us have over the years. None of us has been quite right since.

This is your first clue to who we are. By the way, if you can name all the people on this raft, you will get a ride on The Magic Bus. That is if we don’t hold the bus hostage, too. Who are we???

Nothing like hands on experience.

I am really glad I didn’t learn about stunt flying as a youth. I am sure I would have become a barnstormer.  My instructor was a former member of the Canadian Royal Air Force’s aerobatic team called the Snowbirds. Wow!  A hands-on pilot with skills developed at every level of flight difficulty from trainers to supersonic jets. What a great instructor who learned his skills from the bottom up.

Hands on construction to potato skins!

The reason I am writing this, soon-to-be finished book, is that I have learned business in a similar way. It was all  hands-on management with strict requirements for results and excellence as the standard. I wasn’t privileged with a business school education.  I worked my way up from catching lumber on the line in a sawmill to the board room (pun intended). My experience is real, not theoretical. Like my instructor I flew supersonic, when Friday’s led the restaurant industry and at Boise Cascade in my early 30’s.  I was jet qualified.

People and their development have always been at the heart of any success I have experienced. I am blessed with a problem solving and teaching skill that I explain in the book. During the frontier years of the casual theme restaurant industry my theories, philosophies and business systems were widely adopted throughout the industry.  My metaphors are legendary. Bounties were paid for our managers (complete with manuals and forms) so that our competitors could acquire these useful tools.

I have now taken a long look at the accumulated knowledge over the years and with clear hindsight have put together a helpful set of tools and insights about more than business but about life as well. I have also been actively counseling and interviewing a broad cross section of college students, small business owners and CEO’s. I have studied today’s issues with education and the modern work force. It amazes me how, in the midst of so much change, so much remains the same.  Read my book.  My experience can help you just as the flight instructor above taught me some pretty amazing stunts.

How do you COMPROMISE excellence?

I have searched high and low for an answer to this question.  It’s an OXYMORON! I ask everyone everywhere I go, “What is your standard?”  The answer from everyone everywhere is always the same – EXCELLENCE!  However, during our conversation, I find time after time compromise rears its head.  “Times are different, costs are high, this is almost as good, this saves a lot of time.” On and on comes the parade of compromise.  “We are what we repeatedly do.  Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.” Aristotle

Are you in the habit of cutting corners, or achieving EXCELLENCE every day?