It has been some time since I have written on this blog. After promising and in fact, writing an extensive book on my personal business history and the remarkable history of taking T.G.I. Friday’s from a singles bar to an iconic institution. We not only created a restaurant concept but the start of an entire industry segment, I concluded too much of this book qualified as ancient history. Only my family and close friends should be made to suffer through such a treatise.

I decided what would be of interest and significant value would be a Twitter version of the formula that created this exceptional culture and it’s exceptional success. A significant part of documenting this formula is the impact of the abandonment of founding core values and this formula. After extensive research of exceptional successes and those that suffered the same fate and decline, I have finally developed an outline of what I believe will be a helpful handbook for building an exceptional culture leading to exceptional success. In the hands of leaders with potential this formula will organize their natural leadership instincts and accelerate exceptional success. (Did I use the word “exceptional” enough, well, I meant it!)

Standby coming soon!

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