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“Let me explain all the things beyond my control and why I am a victim victim of circumstances!! No! I didn’t get the result! Hey!! We are lucky things aren’t worse!” – Spin Artist

Beware of the ‘spin artist’, if you own or are investing or are going to work for a business. Well done spin can create a short-term illusion but nothing of lasting value will result.  True results are more than a cleverly disguised and often an exploitive quest for the bottom line, at the expense of the employee and customer.

There are two broad categories of  leadership. First, we have the great speechmakers, the ‘spin artists’, who only superficially engage but do not produce lasting results. They successfully go from position to position, selling themselves and their ‘strategies’.  They then employ their ‘spin’ skills and do a great job explaining why it isn’t happening. In fact, they often do such a great job of explaining their failure, the board of directors or owners feel lucky things aren’t worse! Then off to the next opportunity to repeat the same ‘spin’ and lack of results. Second we have the truly competent leader, who believes in the ‘The Four Walls Theory’ and takes responsibility, believing everything is within his or her control. Employing the ‘Beach Ball Theory’ to acquire the necessary knowledge and points of view to solve the problems that produce lasting results. It’s easy to see, one is playing checkers the other chess.  To distinguish between the two, turn off the ‘spin’ and look only at the results.

Telltales of the ‘spin artist‘ are, cleverly named plans/strategies, impressive acronyms, complex buzz words, and a lot of frantic activity. Results, if any are from cost cutting solely for the benefit of the bottom line.  Producing lasting results is much more difficult than creating a cleverly named strategy and cutting costs. Developing and implementing a business strategy is only worthwhile if  a beneficially balanced result is produced. The ‘Triangle Theory” gives us the formula for accomplishing a balanced result. This takes effective leadership that is guided by core principles, a standard of excellence and clear goal.  Focus is on people vs profits, investing in the employee and customer, letting them produce the bottom line.  

Don’t be misled by or become a ‘spin artist’! Think about it, you wouldn’t want a ‘spin artist’ for your pilot or surgeon. A great explanation at your funeral of why things didn’t work out, is not the result any of us want. ‘Spin’ doesn’t work for these critical jobs and it doesn’t work for leadership.

“Effective leadership is not about making speeches or being liked; leadership is defined by results not attributes.” – Peter Drucker


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