Well run organizations are built on a foundation of core values, standards and goals. This is principled management. Compromise of this foundation breaks trust and demoralizes the organization. Compromise occurs when the founding values are nothing more than a meaningless plaque on the wall or document in a drawer. Compromise also occurs when management violates and does not lead by established core values, standards and goals. Have you been  in an organization that publicly states one set of  lofty values but in reality practices a different set of values or none at all?

imageGreat leaders practice principled management and are role models of strength and integrity. They implement and ‘live and breath’ the organizations core values. This means ‘walking the walk’ even when the chips are down and the decisions are difficult. You can trust that a great leader will have your back and will not compromise core values. Great leaders do not fall prey to pressures, like the bottom line or stock price and make expedient decisons. Once any leader compromises principle, trust is broken and their leadership is compromised.

image     ” Compromise of principle, breaks trust and is a bottomless pit!”                          

                                                                                                                                                         – D. R. Scoggin    


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