Quality in every aspect of life relies on good decisions. Good decisions rely on good information. For information to qualify as ‘good’ it must be complete with information from as many sources as possible. To accomplish this one must seek all points of view, even those with which you may disagree. Here is a helpful metaphor, picture a multi-color beachball so big that people, equally placed around it, can only see one of the colors. Assume the quality of your decision relies on accurately knowing all of the colors of the beachball. To do this obviously you must get everyone’s color (point of view).

How many times have you had to memorize the color of the beachball the boss sees because that is the only color ( point of view) considered?   How many times have you seen facts ignored or not completely gathered because of someone’s preconceived opinion, feeling or belief?   The most frustrating misguided opinion is “well, that’s the way we have always done it!” end of discussion! It is all too common for leadership to start with a conclusion and only look for the facts that support that conclusion, basically saying “it’s my way or the highway” or “don’t confuse me with the facts”! Starting with the conclusion will never lead you to the “truth” and certainly not lead to the best decision.

“To make a ‘good’ decision gather all points of view including those with which you disagree.”     D. R. Scoggin

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