imageThere are many business strategies and by their focus I divide them into two broad catagories. The first and most common is the financially focused strategy. Usually employed with  buyouts or take overs by conglomerates or financial institutions, like venture capital firms. It can be very profitable. Assest are sold, costs are cut and the bottom line, on a time table, is king. The goal is a short term flip! The problem is usually nothing of long term value is built and the gains are at the expense of the employee and customer.


I prefer ‘the other side‘ of business, management by principle. This strategy requires the establishment of core values, standards and goals. Through this foundtion you can build a commonly driven and empowered organization.  The standard for principled management is excellence.   Excellence brings morale, pride and performance. The formula for principle driven management is what I call the ‘Triangle Theory’. Balancing and maximizing the three sides, represented by the employee (priority one), the customer (the ultimate focus) and the company (the ultimate beneficiary) is the goal. Properly done this formula results in what I call ‘Levitation’. You have seen the result of levitation almost everytime you see an unusually successful endeavor!! It takes vision but this strategy will result in a bigger and longer lasting ‘financial’ result.


The financially focused strategy is business ‘checkers’ and the principle focused strategy is business ‘chess’.  –  D. R. Scoggin



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