The first big hurdle when growing a company or advancing as a manager is executing the increased span of control without compromising the result. As a manager or as a company, a critical step is made when going from single unit to multi-unit operations. Mangers who were great when running a single unit often fail when given multi-unit responsibility. Entrepreneurs with a great and highly successful concept often cannot expand and keep their “magic”. It is also common to see  successful multi-unit operations purchased only to begin to decline. Compromise is most often the culprit. When faced with an increased degree of difficulty the easy answer is to reduce the degree of difficulty by lowering the standard. Great efforts in business and sports, however, are hallmarked by ever increasing standards.

The answer is NEVER compromise your standards. NEVER compromise the result. Great management and  great coaches relentlessly pursue  systems and training until the result is achieved but NEVER resort to compromise!

Compromise is a bottomless pit.” ~ Daniel R. Scoggin

” When EXCELLENCE becomes difficult, which it alway is, there are those that take an easier route, it’s called MEDIOCRITY.” ~ Daniel R. Scoggin

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