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“Effort without RESULTS is meaningless”


Some are good at explaining WHY they didn’t get the result, others are good at COMPROMISING the standard to get the result. Both usually spend a lot of time proclaiming how hard they work and how much EFFORT they have expended but avoid any real measure of the result. This however does not work where the result is critical and is the focus….astronauts, professional athletes, airline pilots, brain surgeons and…. well, you get the idea! For success in any endeavor results are the only measure that counts. You cannot bank or eat effort!

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Growth W/O Compromise



The first big hurdle when growing a company or advancing as a manager is executing the increased span of control without compromising the result. As a manager or as a company, a critical step is made when going from single unit to multi-unit operations. Mangers who were great when running a single unit often fail when given multi-unit responsibility. Entrepreneurs with a great and highly successful concept often cannot expand and keep their “magic”. It is also common to see  successful multi-unit operations purchased only to begin to decline. Compromise is most often the culprit. When faced with an increased degree of difficulty the easy answer is to reduce the degree of difficulty by lowering the standard. Great efforts in business and sports, however, are hallmarked by ever increasing standards.

The answer is NEVER compromise your standards. NEVER compromise the result. Great management and  great coaches relentlessly pursue  systems and training until the result is achieved but NEVER resort to compromise!

Compromise is a bottomless pit.” ~ Daniel R. Scoggin

” When EXCELLENCE becomes difficult, which it alway is, there are those that take an easier route, it’s called MEDIOCRITY.” ~ Daniel R. Scoggin

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“A quick way to end the debate is to look at the RESULTS!” ~ Daniel R. Scoggin

I have long advocated it is foolish to argue with a liar because they have an endless supply of “facts”! Now, I am not calling anyone a liar but sometimes business leaders and politicians can be pretty loose with the “facts” and can be very good at presenting “them”. When evaluating management strategies, management teams, employees and investments, it is best to cut through the “spin” and just look at results. It is often hard to do because of emotion,  buzz words, acronyms and slick  power point presentations. So focus on finding the truth, remove the emotion, cut through the dazzle and just look at the metaphorical 2+2=4.

“Talk is cheap but reality and results are great equalizers.” ~ Daniel R. Scoggin

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Great companies are founded on principles, standards and goals; empowering the organization to act with common purpose.”  Daniel R. Scoggin

Dynamic companies are faced with constant change as they grow and their markets develop. This can cause confusion in an organization because the rules and systems must change to keep pace. A well managed company has core values and principles that do not change, providing the stability and direction that eliminates confusion. Management’s job is to develop and share these values and principles with the  organization, empowering it to act and yes, break the rules if necessary to achieve and maintain those core values and principles.

Principles trump rules! Establishing and sharing those principles empowers the organization to act.





image“Trying to compromise EXCELLENCE, is like trying to let a little bit of air out of a balloon with a hat pin.” ~ Daniel R. Scoggin

Compromise is an immediate step toward the decline of performance. It is often motivated by cost cutting aimed at increasing profit. It is also used  by weak management when unable to produce the desired result due to the degree of difficulty in achieving EXCELLENCE. Great leaders do not compromise they lead, motivate and develop the systems that produce the desired result……but they do not compromise.

Remember there is another word for compromised excellence……MEDIOCRE!