I just read an article about America’s disappearing restaurant chains. They point out what we have all been observing. Their solution and that of the ‘shrinking chains’ seems to rely heavily on remodels. If that is a valid strategy, while not correcting the real problems, why not put a new suit on criminals, instead of remedial treatment and jail and send back out into society! Problem solved?! I call this “The New Suit Theory!”

I don’t get it. The clamor for and interest in fresh innovative food is at an all time high. The food channels and shows on TV, the food truck craze and the highly successful one off’s, as well as, regional chains are experiencing epic success because of their innovative fresh food. The big chains (Cheesecake Factory excepted) continue to shrink in size and coincidentally shrink from quality fresh food. They instead try to maintain customer counts with advertising, discounting and expensive remodels from which they continue serve the same mediocre food.

“A market is never saturated with a good product, but is quickly saturated with a bad one.” ~ Henry Ford

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