“Excellence is not a waypoint but a  learning curve.”Daniel R. Scoggin

I am an addict of the ‘power of excellence’. Once you experience it nothing else will ever match it. Its like playing on a Super Bowl team, winning the Masters in golf or being awarded the ‘best of’ for whatever your passion happens to be. The energy and fulfillment that comes from striving for and experiencing excellence is simply awesome.

I had the privilege of leading an organization that succumbed to this addiction. Going to work was a prideful pleasure. No one ever tired of trying to improve or find a better way. It became an accepted fact that excellence  is an elusive target, the better you became the better you could become. When an excellent product was developed nothing would stand in the way of executing it, no matter how difficult.

The reward was in the customer reception and eventual addiction to the excellence in service, atmosphere, product and fun! They recognized the value and were willing to pay the price, tip well and send us their friends. This is the essence of the Triangle Theory I teach in my upcoming book. “Take care of the customer, invest in your employee and your bottom line will take care of it’s self.”Daniel R. Scoggin

Today, as I reconnect with this bunch of addicts, I am glad to see they are still hooked. They all say  ‘the standard’ changed their lives and they wouldn’t have it any other way!

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