PROCESS” is like putting a slinky on an escalator, a lot of activity without going anywhere!
























“Process” – In government and business considerable time is consumed with non-productive activities I call “process”. “Process” is the busy work activity used in government to build fiefdoms and budgets (which is power) and in business to build departmental size (which increases supervisor status). It is also used by the employee to keep employment. This definition of “process” is never connected to a result.

At the CEO level there is a sophisticated level of “process”. This level of “process” involves a strategy, designed for and sold to the Board of Directors. The strategy is usually cleverly named, (acronyms are popular)  and always generates a lot of high visibility activity but no results. Many  ‘professional’ CEO’s have had successful careers with “process” coupled with the ability to explain the lack of RESULTS!


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