imageGoal setting is more than a lofty, feel good, concept. It is a problem solver, organizer and empowers, not only the individual but an entire organization. It is, in fact, the compass that guides everything you do. The secret of goal setting lay in the vision that comes from a solid foundation of core values, coupled with a standard of excellence. The first test of  your compass is your passion about the goal AND its accomplishment.  In fact it is very important that you are you so passionate about your goal, that you will not compromise it’s ultimate achievement or it’s standard of EXCELLENCE.

If this sounds preachy, it is! Today it is so hard to find honesty and commitment to goals or the standard of excellence. In politics and business it is very hard to find honesty or commitment to  ‘stated’ goals, let alone, excellence! Why don’t you start the New Year as an ‘exception’. We talk about  both the why and how of being the ‘exception’ in my upcoming book but you can start now by simply writing down YOUR core values and see where that leads you. I think you will be surprised!

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