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As promised below are the meanings woven into the Plaque developed for Karen Forrester.

The Friday’s Founder Award



The Gold Star

The Standard of Excellence is represented by the Gold Star. Though the goal of excellence is illusive, striving for this standard always results in winning the gold. It is above everything else that we do and the ultimate goal in the Enchanted Forest.


The Ribbon

Our core value, by which all decisions are measured, is “Be the Best, Have Fun and Make Money.” We use this credo to guide every decision we make at the Round Table.


The Shield

Our Crest represents all that it takes to keep our Enchanted Forest a wonderful place for everyone in the Kingdom. Because of the elements contained in the shield, the birds will always sing in the Magic Kingdom.


The Field of Honor

In the Kingdom, we require a level playing field for all the pieces of the Triangle so that everything stays balanced and can levitate to the ultimate success.


The Crown

The King of the Kingdom is the Customer. Without the Customer, we are nothing. We serve at his pleasure and with our excellent service; he will be satisfied and come back again and again.


The Horseman

The representative of our Kingdom is the Employee. He works constantly to insure the happiness of the Customer. He is the power behind the throne.


The Castle

The Company is the fortress that ensures the Kingdom stays balanced and all is well. It protects our Enchanted Forest from outside forces and keeps everything within our four walls of protection.


The Red & White Color Guard

The colours (English spelling) are the very heart and soul of our Kingdom. We will sacrifice anything and bleed red & white to maintain happiness in the Enchanted Forest.


The Blue and Yellow Color Guard

These colours represent outrageous innovation in our Kingdom. They set us apart as the leader of the pack in the Enchanted Forest.


The Founder’s Plaque

This represents the one-of-a-kind organization that we are. Friday’s is hand-crafted and totally unique. There is no one better in our Enchanted Forest. The Founder’s Plaque is bestowed on the rare occasion that all is excellent with the Fair Knights and Maidens in the Magic Kingdom.



Prince Dam





On my wall throughout my business career were two well drilled sentiments, “Effort without RESULTS is meaningless” and the Linus cartoon below, “There’s no heavier burden than a great potential”. Do you know someone who is all potential and NO results? I muse about full careers that have been just that, GREAT POTENTIAL but no RESULTS. This is very common among politicians and career “Executives”. It is fleeting and rare with entrepreneurs because they go broke! Politicians and career “Execs” just get re-elected or negotiate a new contract, all the while magically explaining why “IT” didn’t happen. If they are really good they can make the voter or board of directors thankful things aren’t worse!!



Karen Forrester recieves Friday’s Founders Award






Karen has restored the ‘real’ Friday’s to the UK. The measure of her success are her  results. Back to the basics, she has won the approval of employees and customers alike which has produced a very desirable return for the company. The Triangle Theory has proven itself once again. Friday’s was built on core values, all centered on a standard of excellence. While winning many awards as an employer, from industry peers in the UK, the real measure of the employee side of the triangle, is her employe morale and enthusiastic performance to the standard of excellence. The heartbeat of any business is the customer and a key measure of their happiness is, do they come back? Karen has doubled customer counts during her tenure. I would say that’s an outstanding endorsement from the customer side of the triangle.

On the company side, as the triangle theory teaches, maximize care of the employee and customer and the company’s side will take care of itself. Karen has increased the number of units by 33%, sales by 100% and profits by over 400% with employee and customer satisfaction beyond measure.  It is so refreshing to see clean well run stores, happy smiling employees and customers returning with their friends. No fancy well-named programs, just the basics and results. While in London, for the first time in years, I walked into clean, sincerely friendly, well run Friday’s.

Karen’s award was conceived and crafted by Friday’s Legendary Alumni.*  I can think of no higher honor than recognition by those who were there in the beginning and made Friday’s a success. It is a real thrill for all of us from the glory days see them recreated. We are very proud of you, Karen, and the entire Friday’s Family you have brought back to life.




*Note:  I will write again soon to explain the symbols used for the Founder’s Award and Pin all developed by Friday’s Legendary Alumni.  These fantastic alumni are:  Mikie Baker, Rush Bowman, Jimmy Foster and Jim West.




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