In my upcoming book we talk about the many values of goal setting and we illustrate how it can become an aid to problem solving. We call this the ‘Flagpole Theory’. Another value to clear, shared goal setting, complete with the accompanying core values, is the empowerment of the organization. Weak leaders control by limited shared knowledge and management direction is by ‘rules’. Before a decision can be made the ‘Boss’ must be consulted. Wow! Power! Just like ship captains of old were fearful of teaching the crew how to navigate. It gave them power and reduced the possibility of mutiny.

Sharing the compass and how to use it empowers the organization to act on a consistent and timely basis. Speed, agility and improved results are the product of this management style. It takes, however, a strong, confident leader. My advice is be a strong leader……. ‘Share the Compass!’

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