Business and life is best approached on a principled basis. My management theories and philosophies have always been based on principled management. My upcoming book is based on the principles I believe lead to success in both business and life. Everything should start with and be based upon the number one principle  HONESTY. While important, I mean beyond the garden variety of ‘thou shalt not steal’, I mean the very common, saying one thing and doing another.

I listen to what leaders say but I only believe what they do. It is sad how common in politics and business it is to have our leaders say one thing but do another. The operative skill seems to be presenting yourself in such a way that  true intentions and results are obscured. It is common to see someone rise to the top by explaining skillfully why ‘it’ didn’t happen. The truly skillful can make you feel lucky things are not worse. This can be cured by accepting only results, measuring only results and rewarding only results.

The Triangle Theory while commonly quoted is rarely honestly implemented. It is very hard to do! The theory expresses the goal of maximizing and balancing the three sides of a business transaction, customer, employee and company. In truth, if you cut through the skillful explanations, usually one side dominates. Pressures for profits, expansion or executive incentives,  squeeze employee benefits, reduces product quality and dominates key decisions.

The Triangle Theory actually works and creates what we call levitation. When this happens everyone wins! It takes honesty, vision, belief in the theory and guts to follow it through. I have looked at a number highly successful companies, while they may not know the theory, they are practicing the principle intuitively and levitating! You have seen the places, they are busy, the employees are happy and the company is profitable.  Honesty and principles WIN!

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