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We all remember and many of us still play Rock – Paper – Scissors. I. There is a game in the restaurant world that involves scissors but I personally wouldn’t play.




It is difficult for me to believe that scissors have, in many chain restaurant kitchens, replaced, the iconic badge of honor, Chef’s Knives. So for some the game now is: Frozen Bagged -Scissors. Everyone knows fresh beats frozen and reconstituted boil-n-a bag. A fresh burger is better than a frozen one, hand pattied is better than machine formed and fresh fries are much better than frozen. The food channel is very popular but I have yet to see a show on the use of scissors to open a boil-n-a-bag. I don’t think a show called “Reconstitution Kitchen – You freeze it and we thaw it!’ would make the cut.

So why do some chains spend their money on advertising trying to convince us their ‘reconstituted food is good. At least they discount and coupon trying to get closer to the real value of their product.. I would, however, rather stay home and thaw my own.

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Eagle Cafe – Pier 39 – San Francisco VS The Chains

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We keep our boat at Pier 39 in San Francisco. Our favorite restaurant on the Pier is The Eagle Cafe. We have become good friends with the managing partner. She does everything FRESH and to the highest standard. She believes freezers should be used for ice cream! (They make a great milk shake!).

I had to laugh during our recent visit when she was telling Sandy and I about a chain restaurant on the Pier that needed to borrow some product until their delivery arrived. The problem was that they had no idea what to do with a fresh whole fish. They were used to pre-portioned frozen fish in a bag and the mind blower  was that they were stumped by fresh eggs, still in their shell. Egg beaters in a bag was their norm. I guess scissors are the chain restaurants trade tool, replacing chef’s knives. Seems broken to me!

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