Thanks for asking. My objective with the book has been to teach, little did I know how much I would learn. The re-connection with past associates has been an incredible experience by itself. After assembling an encyclopedia of  knowledge and experiences that I wanted to share in a first draft, we began to learn about the world of change that is book publishing today. The principle changes have been associated with the impact of  e-books. I jokingly call the biggest change the “Twitter’ attention span.  We are on the fourth and fifth drafts, bringing the writing style into the world of e-book compliance. Casper is doing a great job and we both agree the changes greatly improve the book and it’s readability. This process has delayed our time table by about six months but the additional time and effort has been very worthwhile. Soon we will submit to our agent for his approval. The latest working title is THE POWER OF EXCELLENCE.  




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