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Counseling has always been one of my most rewarding endeavors. In the past, my employees, and today’s young people are trying to understand life. As I started writing my book everyone commented on today’s youth and difficulties with the work force. The problem appears to be a generational change that has not been met with change and understanding on the part of their leaders and  management. I like what the younger generations are bringing to the table and when properly challenged and managed will give us a bright future.

In the book I use several metaphors dealing with goal setting and the future. Earlier in this blog I used the illustration of looking at the bugs on the windshield and not seeing the road ahead.  The advice I have given recently that seems to resonate best with the younger generations, is before you decide on today, envision where you would like to picture yourself 10 years from today. This exercise has created a lot of ‘aha’ moments. See where you want to be clears away a lot of confusion about how to get there.  I like the Peter Drucker quote, “The best way to predict the future is to create it.” Ignore what Yogi Berra humorously  says, “The future ain’t what it used to be.” Rather listen to George Burns, “I look to the future because that’s where I’m going to spend the rest of my life.”

One of my principle metaphors in the book addresses how goal setting and looking into the future  makes the immediate decision making more clear. Final statement on this topic comes from Jack Welch, “Control your own destiny or someone else will.”


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Sailboat racing used to be compared to the excitement of watching paint dry. With Oracle’s winning of the last America’s Cup in 2010, that all changed. If you have not tuned in I encourage you to do so( A standard multi-hulled boat was selected, the AC 45′ and an annual World Series was created. The  AC 45′ exceeds 20 nautical miles per hour or 23 mph (1 nmi = 1.15 miles). The series has taken place around the world every year since the last America’s Cup creating a lot of excitement and a growing audience for the sport. The T.V presentation is brilliant. Electronics capture the race with lines on the water and feedback from each boat. The boats are equipped with multiple cameras and the crews are miked up and all of the above is available with a free smart phone app. Yes! you can tune into specific crews and listen in to the chaos. The app also gives you the real time positions of the boats.

The speeds are incredible and  and crashes plentiful. During the last race we watched one of the Oracle boats hit the committee boat on the start, leaving a sizable hole! In July the competition begins for the Cup itself. July 4th is opening day and the schedule can be found on the web site indicated above. The important thing to note is we are now moving up to the AC 72. Pictured above is Oracle crashing their first boat…..see the crew hanging from the rigging. In another photo you will see the 72′ up on its hydrofoil doing in excess of 40 nmi! You can find great coverage on youTube. The America’s Cup final series for the Cup begins September 7th and if you can make it to San Francisco the races are visible from the shore, they call it ‘Stadium Style Racing’ and San Francisco is the perfect venue! I call it Nascar of the Sea!’ Sorry the infield  is off limits!


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