I admit it, I am an EXCELLENCE addict. I admire it in all it’s forms: sports, business and products of every kind. I could spend hours explaining all the reasons why I admire the various forms of excellence  but for the moment, I will stick to the world of business. I found EXCELLENCE in business was just plain more FUN!  Striving for it generates an energy and excitement that  fuels the organization and carries a contagion that infects customer and employees alike. It creates an unparalleled level of success.  Pride in product and performance to a standard of excellence is more than worth the effort.

Today, as I reconnect with former associates, who shared the experience of EXCELLENCE in Friday’s early days, I see it in their eyes when they tell me how it changed their lives. In addition to interviewing former associates, I am collecting customer quotes and get the same passion when they talk about what we shared.

Leadership is about setting the core values, standards and goals for an organization. I have done extensive research while writing my book. I have conducted  numerous interviews.  I have had years of  business experience. However, it’s hard to express my astonishment at one CEO’s comment to a consultant he had hired. He looked at the  product being developed and said, “DOES IT REALLY HAVE TO BE THAT GOOD?”

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