What do you do with advertising, you can’t eat it put in your tank or wear it. Regardless of what it claims, it dosen’t make products better but it tries to make us think so. It costs a TON of money. Occassionally it informs but most of the time it’s hype or an offer of a lower price for a product that isn’t even worth the discounted price.

I chose to invest 100% of the advertising budget in a better product and the people and systems it took to make it. WORD OF MOUTH took care of the rest. Have I mentioned we were the ‘HIGHEST VOLUME PER UNIT’ restaurant chain in the world. With zero advertising!

It is harder to run a business to a standard of excellence but it is worth it! Pride, morale and energy are manufactured by performing to such a standard. All the things management tries to artificially create are a natural by-products. The big deal is it’s more FUN! 

We talk about the ‘how’  in my book……coming soon!

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