I just had my physical with Dr. Gini, my new GP, well I say ‘new’ it’s our second date ( a male joke). He is always happy and shows it! I finally asked him why? He told a story, similar to ones we have all heard many times of having a bad day and letting a lot of little things make it a grumpy day. Then he saw a mother and quite young daughter laughing and having the greatest of times. What was different about this picture was the little girl had lost both legs just below the knees and was confined to a wheel chair. He decided to change his attitude and did!

While this is a story like many others you have heard the difference is Dr. Gini changed because he realized the triviality of his grump. Now even though you could put this blog in your mental trash and say I have heard stuff like this before….boring! ┬áDo yourself a favor and quit sweating the small stuff….be thankful…be happy… pass it on….smile and watch the ripple effect. It will make a different!

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