Do your stated values match your actions? Every large company has a well-written statement of their corporate values. If you ask employees to recite them, you usually get a blank expression. If you look at the companies actions compared to this lofty set of pronouncements, it’s hard to make a match.

My wife worked for a well-known brand of fast food while in high school. Their products included soft serve ice cream. One of the first things she was taught was how to make a soft serve cone, without filling the cone base. The technique involved ringing the top of the cone without filling the cones base, building on that to make the cone look bigger than it really was. A ‘snow’ cone!

I am certain that at orientation she was told that they were the BEST; they cared for the customer and all the rest of the normal drivel. She was not told they really were the BEST at scamming the customer. I call this the ‘cross-eyed’ theory, talk and action are in two different directions and they can’t look you in the eye! I look at all the mediocre companies and wonder if in employee meetings the leaders get up and enthusiastically pitch “lets go out and be really mediocre today!”

Bottom line HONESTY and TRUST. Lose it with the customer and the employee and what do you have left? Are you filling the base of your cone or is it a ‘snow’ cone?