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Where are you looking?


Driving across the desert looking out for ‘Wiley’ I was reminded you tend to go where you are looking…….at the scenery or the road.


This is true in business.  Where are you looking?  Quality for the customer or cost for the P & L?

Mystery device.


I was shocked at how many of you did not recognize the jet engine looking device in the last blog. So I have deceided to expand everyones knowledge of such devices. Cooling apparatuses and window type primarily. Happy cooling!


Trip down memory lane!


In the early 50’s I traveled Route 66  in the back of my dad’s 1937 Chevy. The trip was from California to Arkansas to visit my grandparents. We had amenities you may not recognize, besides the ’37 Chevy, there was an evaporator water bottle and air cooler. Sandy and I crisscrossed Route 66 multiple times today and in fact are lodged on the famous highway tonight.

We are on our way to Texas to meet with Casper and finish the book. Looking in the rear view mirror, the differences are incredible, from the trip with my parents. In addition to the modern freeway, we were riding in the comfort of a  modern BMW, talking on an iPhone while working with an editor, online, on a Mac Book Air. Oh yeah, with an iced cooler of drinks. What would my parents think!

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Passion, too intense?

Image converted using ifftoanyDIY-Gold-Medal224542_474380032625419_1283503849_nImage converted using ifftoany The thing that I keep running into and absolutely can’t get my arms around, is the lack of passion in many peoples lives, especially leaders. Every truly successful person, in any endeavor has it, they must! In the counseling, research and discussions with our editors, while writing the book, I find it IS a problem. The word is even questioned, as perhaps too intense, but isn’t that passion, intense?  Steve Jobs was one of the most passionate.  In his commencement speech, at Stanford, he admonished the graduates,. not to stop their search, until they found their passion. If everyone could experience passion in their pursuits and realize the endless energy and exhilaration it brings there would be no question, PASSION would be the goal.

“If you are working on something exciting that you really care about, you dont have to be pushed. The vision pulls you.” – Steve Jobs

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colourful-cocktail-hi olympicrings tgif-logo0511-1008-1002-0049_Bartender_Shaking_a_Martini_clipart_imageJimmy Skeadas one of Friday’s original Master Bartenders and currently President of Showtenders suggested  we put up a page for comments from the original Friday’s Master Bartenders. Stories, reconnects and general fun is welcomed. Just hop on the comment slot below. Participation earns priority seating on the ‘Magic Bus’ when it tours from 63rd & 1st to Marina Del Rey.

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Mediocre just isn’t Fun!


Working on my book about the early near failure of T.G.I.Fridays resurrected a lot of memories. First and biggest is the memory of WINNING, the energy and yes fun that comes from going for EXCELLENCE  and being a winner. The next memory is that of the MAJORITY saying ‘it can’t be done’,’ it doesn’t have to be that good’, ‘we can let it go this one time’, ‘they won’t notice… get the idea. My goal is to tell the story of Friday’s success and how we over came the MAJORITY and how you can too. The funny thing is it is so simple and so much FUN!


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Gen X – Y – M Evaluated by S

fun-clipart-1 millennials millenials-chartSocial_Learning_DNA

I have virtually been assaulted on the topic of generational differences in the work force in many of my research conferences. Big concerns about how different the work force is today. Well I am sure you have heard the term let history be the judge. Being a part of history and a member of the ‘S’ generation, I will address this topic in the book. Like most of what I did when running Friday’s, it will not fit todays conventional wisdom. It will fit a new management theory, like the rest, based on common sense and actual practice. Oh, for the defination of Generation ‘S’ check the Feb  archives ‘Who am I’, it’s worth finding.

This post was personally written by Dan Scoggin, antique canoe salesman, Friday’s Founder and creator of ‘elegant clutter’.

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I, like many of us, have always said I am going to write a book. Supporters have said. ‘yeah, you ought to write a book’. I have always been principle driven. One of those principles has been you must confront your fears. So when sitting on the boat , alone  in the Sacramento Delta,  it dawned on me the reason I had not written a book, was because I was afraid, so it then became imperative. I began writing and quickly realized, while I had a lot to say, I was a better public speaker than writer. I called my long time friend and associate Mikie Baker, AND before I could get the words out she said, ‘it’s about time!’ As we near the finish of the project I will share a couple of thoughts.

First, writing a book is like standing in front of an audience without your clothes on!  Second, and I quote my hero:

“If you are working on something exciting that you really care about, you don’t have to be pushed. The vision pulls you.” ~ Steve Jobs


P.S. I will share a comment from one of our  editors on the ‘Results’ Chapter, “This chapter is the foundation of a subversive plot to overturn a sluggish economy, recession, unemployment – and instigate a complete change in our government! Dan Scoggin must lead this charge! Dan, it’s never too late! Go for it! You got my vote!!! – Forrest


Forrest’s comments makes me feel better about being on stage but  my only interest in politics is being KING!

Dan Scoggin’s book’s working title is ‘Triceptive’. It is about the founding principles of T.G.I.Friday’s, early turn around and subsequent success. It’s about principled decision making in business & life.

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Beach – Beer – Fun



With beach weather coming, I looked through the blog archives for beach fun & games. Just click on the Decembers archive. There you will find ‘Palm Beach Bowling’ and a beer game called ‘Beer Hunter’. If you want to become a member of the PBBA (Palm Beach Bowling Association) contact Bill Spae. It is believed that there are no living members of the Beer Hunters Association but check with Jeff Ryan.

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Scoma’s & Tips



Sandy and I were having lunch at one of our favorite restaurants in San Francisco, Scoma’s. I noticed our waiter admiring the Porsche parked by the valet just outside the window, where we were sitting. When we finished, I said do you want a tip or do you want to sit in the Porsche?  He was smiling ear to ear when we left. I am sure the smile got bigger when he found the tip we left as well. Try and put a happy surprise in the lives you touch.  See my earlier blog on this topic, it’s true!

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