The restaurant business in the late 60’s and early 70’s was a creative explosion of concepts and the industry as a whole. Most of the chains and industry segments of today came from that period. I started to use Pioneers as an adjective but it really was more like the Wild West.




My book is not about restaurants or the industry’s history. I will deal with that exciting subject in a second book. This book is about principle driven decision making, in both business and  personal life. My visit in Dallas reminded me of a point of principle.. Mariano has successfully grown his business and gotten better at  MPH (making people happy) every year. He has stuck to his founding principles.

During this Wild West era there were the creators and the collectors, the founders and the companies that bought them out. The failure rate of the acquisitions was  high and the performance of the survivors lack luster and missing innovation. The question is WHY, I will address this in my book, AND,  the WHY applies universally to business.

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