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Fellow Pioneer

imageOur trip to Casper’s, to finish the book, has taken us through Dallas.  Pictured above is my friend and fellow industry pioneer, Mariano Martinez. I visited one of his many, Dallas, area restaurants and was not surprised that everything was as it should be, EXCELLENT. One of his many claims to fame is that he invented the frozen margarita machine and that his original machine is proudly on permanent display in the Smithsonian.

From my books point of view, however, the BIG DEAL is he gets it!! He is a master at customer satisfaction.

Mariano’s credo simply:  MPH!            MAKE – PEOPLE – HAPPY!

He has captured the essence of success……Simple just not easy!

For you history buffs, in 1971, Mariano opened his first restaurant in the Greenville ave shopping center where we soon opened the first  Friday’s prototype.  We were neighbors and for him before we opened……… PESTS, just ask him.

Where are you looking?


Driving across the desert looking out for ‘Wiley’ I was reminded you tend to go where you are looking…….at the scenery or the road.


This is true in business.  Where are you looking?  Quality for the customer or cost for the P & L?

Mystery device.


I was shocked at how many of you did not recognize the jet engine looking device in the last blog. So I have deceided to expand everyones knowledge of such devices. Cooling apparatuses and window type primarily. Happy cooling!