I, like many of us, have always said I am going to write a book. Supporters have said. ‘yeah, you ought to write a book’. I have always been principle driven. One of those principles has been you must confront your fears. So when sitting on the boat , alone  in the Sacramento Delta,  it dawned on me the reason I had not written a book, was because I was afraid, so it then became imperative. I began writing and quickly realized, while I had a lot to say, I was a better public speaker than writer. I called my long time friend and associate Mikie Baker, AND before I could get the words out she said, ‘it’s about time!’ As we near the finish of the project I will share a couple of thoughts.

First, writing a book is like standing in front of an audience without your clothes on!  Second, and I quote my hero:

“If you are working on something exciting that you really care about, you don’t have to be pushed. The vision pulls you.” ~ Steve Jobs


P.S. I will share a comment from one of our  editors on the ‘Results’ Chapter, “This chapter is the foundation of a subversive plot to overturn a sluggish economy, recession, unemployment – and instigate a complete change in our government! Dan Scoggin must lead this charge! Dan, it’s never too late! Go for it! You got my vote!!! – Forrest


Forrest’s comments makes me feel better about being on stage but  my only interest in politics is being KING!

Dan Scoggin’s book’s working title is ‘Triceptive’. It is about the founding principles of T.G.I.Friday’s, early turn around and subsequent success. It’s about principled decision making in business & life.

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