First, I am from Gen ‘S’! I have researched gen X, Y, millenium and baby boomers to discuss the impact of these population segments on the work force. However, the least recognized and understood is my ‘gen’! It is a small and very insignificant segment those born in the year of the ‘Spam’! Many things happened that year, in addition to my arrival like the opening of the Golden Gate Bridge. Fellow ‘S’ers’ include, Bill Cosby, Tommy Smothers, Marlo Thomas, Colin Powell and of course Richard Petty (famous for left turns).

Second, I am a ‘Techno-Geezer’! This is a little known category I invented. ¬†You must be a septugenarian and skilled with computers. So far it is a very small group, me.
Third I am an inventor. Besides turning T.G.I. Fridays into an International brand, one of my notable achievements is the invention of potato skins! My cardiologist says, not the best thing I could have done for mankind!
Hopefully I will soon add to this list ‘Author’.
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