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Chris Rich wrote:
Great to connect, thanks for the invite. I look forward to the book. Make sure you let me know when its published. I’ll want n autographed copy of course!!!
I have many, many fond memories from my 13 years at TGIF from 82 to 95. One of my favorites was as GM in Plantation. The town passed a smoking ordnance and the local yahoo came in and told me to put up plastic non smoking signs in the cafe areas. I called Jim West and 5 minutes later you personally called me and told me to tell the city guy no way was he going to deface our restaurant. A week later you had custom made solid brass Non Smoking plaques sent to the restaurant. I was amazed constantly by our culture of get it done fast no matter what it takes. Like sending a walk in cooler fed ex to get a store open on time.
When I left I had been the original international guy who developed a large department and signed deals for 51 countries. It was the best time of my life.
I wish you health and happiness in 2013!
ChrisThanks for the memories.

Give it a try!

A very rewarding part of writing my book has been the research. Reading, counseling, interviewing and the most rewarding catching up with past and present Friday’s family.

I have also enjoyed getting to know, through their books people like +Richard Branson. He is principle driven, as I believe you must be and one of those core principles is making people happy when or where they least expect it. The Virgin Brand is famous for doing just that.

Just for fun, try it, try to do something to make others happy that is unexpected. Let someone in line ahead of you, be cheerful for no reason. Open a door even though you’re going the other way. Simple but thoughtful things. My favorite is situational jokes about what’s happening around you.

Make someone smile….make someone happy…. you might be surprised what a nice day YOU¬†have.