“Gerrard & the Coney Island Dog”

In Atlanta one night I was working the front bar when a young women got my attention, and pointed to a lighted sign that was a part of the decor. “Coney Island Hot Dogs 5 cents”. She slid a nickle across the bar and said, here is my money, I want a hot dog! I explained that the sign was part of the decor and not to be taken literally, Blah, Blah, Blah.

No, she said, that sign says hot dogs 5 cents and I’m hungry! I want a hot dog! The manager that night was Gerard Pynes, who had a tremendous sense of humor.  I told him we had a customer at the bar who had a complaint, so he came up to see what he could do about it.

Affecting a very serious demeanor, he assured the young woman that we were indeed serious about customer service, and he would see what could be done.  We had a hot dog on the children’s menu so he had the kitchen fix one up.  Then he stopped by the service bar to add a squiggle of whipped cream where one might usually apply mustard or ketchup.

The young woman was delighted and proceeded to eat the entire thing, daintily wiping whipped cream from the corners of her mouth. (Story contributed by Rush Bowman – bartender extraordinaire.)

I have been cautioned that the current work force has changed and that Generations X, Y & Millenium present new challenges. I am part of generation “S” (born the year Spam was invented) and after a good deal of study, I view this beach ball a little differently.

A hint before you read the book, every generation likes to have fun but there is more, a lot more.

Did Gerrard start something?!

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