My previous blog was the speech I prepared for the Friday’s UK reward conference in Orlando.  I am usually pretty cool in front of an audience but I was so inspired by the energy in the room with a feeling that I have not experienced since my days with Friday’s, that I struggled with emotion.  The sign outside the door read, “If it’s real you’ll feel it.” It was and I did, I was with family, and it felt ‘real’ good.  I am inspired and heading to my ‘happy place’ which is my boat and plan to sprint to the finish with my writing.  Our working title “Triceptive” is starting to get competition as we approach the finish.  In the end I am sure the final word for the title will come from our agent and publisher.  TriCeptive will remain the important central theory in the book.

P.S. A special thanks to all the Knights of the Round Table, Jimmy Skeadas and George Barton for all the time and incredible input you generously gave during my time in Orlando

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