Once upon a time in a land far, far away an errant Lord named Alan discovered a magical forest.  This forest was filled with bluebirds, flowers, rainbows, fun and laughter.  There was happiness aplenty and people far and wide came to visit.  In time, Lord Alan’s magical forest grew by leaps and bounds.  Fair maidens and brave knights gathered in large numbers from all over the kingdom to visit the forest.  Soon a young enterprising Prince named Dan was drawn into the forest.  He was delighted and said to Lord Alan, “This is much more than a magical forest; it is an enchanted forest.”  Upon closer examination, Lord Alan agreed and joined Prince Dan on his quest to captivate the entire world with the forest.  The people were pleased.  After many years of happily living in the forest, Prince Dan was called to navigate the oceans of the world.  He left the care of the enchanted forest to another.
     Years later, upon Prince Dan’s return from the sea, he was saddened to find the forest quiet.  All the laughter was gone.  The fair maidens and brave knights were nowhere to be found.  Determined to repair these injustices and return laughter to this enchanted land, Prince Dan began writing a manuscript which set forth all the keys to the kingdom.  He diligently explained his philosophies and theories of how to make this land the best in the world.  But still, he was saddened because there was no happy ending to his story.  Then a miracle occurred.  Fair Princess Karen appeared from out of nowhere as if a gift from above and said, “Oh no, the enchanted forest is not gone.  It may still be found in the United Kingdom.”  Much to Prince Dan’s delight he found this to be true.  Princess Karen had discovered the forest and understood it’s magic.  Because she was wise and fair, she surrounded herself with noble and just knights at her red and white round table.  Together, they worked diligently to make the forest enchanted once again.  When they were done, they were delighted to find they had discovered the Holy Grail.  With all of their efforts, the fair maidens and brave knights came back in droves to enjoy the bluebirds, flowers and rainbows once again.  Even better, they all ordered potato skins.
                                  The End
Princess Karen
“If you believe strongly enough you can make anything come true.”
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