Sincerity can be shocking. I have become so numbed to the food servers required check back ‘How’s the food?’ During my recent Texas trip, Casper, Stroke of Genius and I were having dinner at a  steakhouse and I was actually shocked when our young server truly wanted to know how my food tasted and if I was enjoying it. It was just like a family member who had cooked the food themselves and was concerned that you like it. Ain’t that a shame! We have become so numbed to insincere that sincere is shocking!

One of my teaching metaphors is called the ‘employee’s cloak’  it teaches against dawning the cloak of a personality foreign to your own. The restaurant server one goes…….Hi… ….name ….Johnny…I … will… be… your server…tonight… would…you… like …something….to drink…besides …water. All in a strange voice and cadence, totally un-natural . That was the efficient cloak the warm friendly cloak comes just before the bill and tip time!

I think we like Costa Rica so much be cause they say and mean ‘con mucho gusto’  with much pleasure!

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