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This is your Captain speaking!

Magic Bus tour
Dan & Sandy or ‘Dandy”

 The Magic Bus Tour is designed to bring joy an happiness to all. If you see through that, how about, The Magic Bus Tour is designed to sell books. The truth is it will do both. It has been suggested ‘tickets to ride’ should be automatically issued to couples who either got married in the phone booth or at least met at Friday’s. There are several other feats accomplished by Friday.s customers, on premise, but we haven’t figured out how to verify them? Any suggestions?.

I HATE mediocrity!

 I don’t hate many things but I do hate medocrity. In any human effort it is such a waste of life. At the age of 75 I have a little different perspective (I think improved!), it’s all about about achievement (results) past, present and future. Excellence is good, medocrity is pathetic. Flying back from a meeting with Casper, we are in the final stages of writing the book, I had the honor of sitting next to a U.S. Marine. Shawn Pickell, recently retired from the Corp, was flying out to see his nephew graduate from Marine boot camp. Shawn was an instructor, not the drill type, but motivational and training for recruiters. What a blast to swap ideas and tools of the trade. The bottom line is you don’t have to wonder where a Marine stands or question his honor and pride. Such a pleasure to talk to him. Shawn when you read this, thanks for some great ideas.

I have never met a mediocre Marine!