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What does it feel like to play on a Super Bowl Team?.


Well, I know it feels better than playing on a mediocre team. It is beyond me why anyone one would not want to put in the extra effort to be the best. Playing with the best is so energizing one forgets to get tired. My pet peeve is a leader who tries to pass mediority off as excellence. I address this phenomena in the book in the chapter about PROCESS. Have you ever known someone who has made a good living and never produced a tangible result, but they are brilliant at explaining WHY ‘it’ didn’t happen?

“Most people say that it is the intellect that makes a great scientist. They are wrong: it is character.” Albert Einstein

This is true of the Triceptive Trio of Leadership – coaching, managing and teaching.


 Little known benefit of wearing hats.
It makes you a bigger person!
This is Mikie’s HAT from Goorin Bros. San Francisco……as you can see it makes her taller and certainly more  suave & debonair…..but stature……who would have guessed!?!

“Cock your hat – angles are attitudes.”
                              Frank Sinatra

“I’ll beat him so bad he’ll need a shoehorn to put his hat on.”
                              Muhammad Ali

Principles = Happiness and strength

A mothers love

One of the highest principles of life is a ‘mothers love.’ The management and leadership I teach is ALL principle driven. Honesty, integrity, excellence and Triceptive sharing of rewards.

I cannot express the emotional income I am receiving from my contacts and sessions with the members of ‘The Legacy.’ I received strong reinforcement from one of the group at our last meeting. Privately, she told me about her tragic experience, losing a teenage son to a traffic accident. While in emotional pain beyond comprehension, she still – as a single mother – had an 11 year old daughter to help through her pain and loss.

She confided that our principle driven culture, high standards of conduct and mental discipline helped her cope. I was very touched at the character building impact of our culture on her life. I hope to help you have the same impact on others.

Use of ‘open door’ = witness protection!

“Don’t ever trust anybody!”

The caption above is from an old, not very good, joke. The father steps back and let’s his son hit the ground as an object lesson of being careful with trust. One of the most important core values of any culture is TRUST!

Everyone talks the talk when it comes to TRUST. Few really walk the walk. For a culture to have it, it must be all encompassing and is very hard to establish. However, once in place the ‘magic’ created and the creative fun it creates is FANTASTIC. 

Another word from our sponsor…………’The Book” teaches you how to achieve this ‘magic!’