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Wisdom at Work/Triceptive Trio

Rick – Rodney – Chuck

I must confess there is no way I could write this book without the support and wisdom of my writing team. My ghost writer, Casper, (not Casperette because we went Hollywood – no more actress only actor ) was invisible today, something Ghost do! The art department was out in the yard attacking a giant ant hill – creatively. So here is the Triceptive brain trust. You will enjoy and prosper with this book! 

Remember the BUS? You will not believe what we have planned. We will be revealing ALL soon!
The quality of a person’s life is in direct proportion to their commitment to excellence, regardless of their chosen field of endeavor.” Vince Lombardi

M.V. Phecal Phreak/from my travels!


                                                                                        Winston Churchill
In every apparent disadvantage is an unapparent advantage. Opportunity, truly, is where you find it. One of the finest Yachts I passed in my travels was named “Trashman”.  The owner was in the trash business. Pass opportunities on principle not pride! 

Founding Friday’s

Don”t laugh! My “Leisure suit is suede……the haircut PRICELESS!”

When Friday’s rocked! That’s me in the center with Alan Stillman and a friend who’s name I’ll never forget………………………..?

This is Greenville avenues opening night.  A great beginning to a great culture. 

Triceptive Teaching Treats


Friday’s family members of the golden era – 1971 to 1986, are all, well familiar with this teaching treat. For those eagerly awaiting ‘the book’ (you are aren’t you?) you will enjoy this little tease of my metaphorical style of teaching. I created this simple metaphor early in my business career at Boise Cascade. It is a ‘fish hook’ to the brain image aimed at getting all points of view considered.

We begin with a red, white and blue beach ball so big that with three people standing on the three equal sides, each can only see one color. What color is the beach ball? To know that, you have to know which side of the ball the boss stands.  If it’s the red side, in most companies, the two employees would have to memorize that whatever their color it is not blue or white but, really red, if they want to keep their job!

The lesson is that good leaders always get the full picture. They seek out the differing points of view. They know the other colors or points of view and make a more informed decision. Life is more complex than a three color ball. It is a rainbow of colors and requires many more inputs than three. Wisdom is seeking them all.