Is there a bus in the Triceptive future?

I am in Dallas, where I lived and headquartered Friday’s during   the formative 15 years. I met yesterday with a room full of the best of the best from Friday’s early years. Pretty silly for a man of my age to have to fight to control his emotions but I was overwhelmed with pride and inspiration, listening to each of their stories. The aim of the meeting was simply to take advantage of their generous offers of help with the book. All I can say is WOW!!! I was completely blown away at the many ways the Friday’s culture, management theories and standards  remain a guiding part of their lives. They all have grown those core values and passed them along, with pride,  through their successful endeavors in diverse fields.  My goal with the book “Triceptive” is to share the Friday’s ‘magic’ with everyone who wants success.

Stay tuned for the “Story of the Bus”. We will be blogging information as we get it but it is going to be BIG!!! REALLY BIG!!!