Watching one of the last launches

Have you ever worked with or watched someone, earn a great living but were always explaining why it didn’t happen? I have and it appears to me to be quite common. Slick CEO’s, politicians, all good talkers, all smart and all failures in disguise.

I was facinated to watch one of the last shuttle launches…….. slick talk wont’ help here!

I have had serious problems mid-ocean, I’ve got a gift of gab but  slick talk was useless there.                                      

Mid-Atlantic sunset
Sail set to cross the Atlantic                                     
Towing for take off

Won’t work in the cockpit!

Plan to do cart wheels

Won’t work when stunt flying.

In reality it dosent work in business either, it’s just not obvious as crashing or sinking.

 We all will arrive at the door of the great equalizer, who wants to be ‘meaningless’.

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