I am a lucky man, I have a wonderful wife. Problem is, she is smart, a former CFO. She figured me out right away. Everyone that knows me, knows I am a prankster. It is very hard for me to get one over on Sandy. For this particular prank I had a perfect accomplice. We have spent a couple of two year stints based in Vancouver, BC. We have made some fantastic friends over the years. One of our close friends, a young man named Wes Swanson, had the boat rental at the marina. He loved to visit Boomer and we loved to have afternoon coffee with him. Now to the prank. The marina was downtown by the sea walk that goes all the way around Vancouver. Sandy and I walked at least five miles daily. Everyday, I mean everyday, we saw this man walking in a shirt that looked like checker board square, you know the red and white checked pattern. While Sandy was up getting our coffee, I convinced Wes to tell Sandy that the red and white checked shirt was required wear for all sex offenders. Wes is such a boy scout I knew Sandy would never suspect. Well, she bit, even said, “OMG, he was in line in front of me at the coffee stand!” Paybacks are hell! After a good deal of research she found the man’s shirt was Croatian soccer shirt. As a big surprise the shirt was required ¬†wear for Wes and me at my big 70 birthday party a couple of months later!

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