Hanging out with a bunch of sailors, like any group, always leads to tall tales and bragging rights. Worst storm, biggest waves, strongest winds and closest calls. Respect comes from well known accomplishments like crossing the Atlantic or Pacific, etc. The really big deal is ’rounding the horn’! Invariably in one of these conversations, I will drop, “Yes, I’ve rounded the horn!” Usually everyone goes silent with respect. If it’s a friendly group, that I don’t want to mislead, I finish the story, “and I didn’t even spill my martini!”

Queen Mary II

Stirred not shaken

13′ clearance¬†@ low tide passing beneath the
Golden Gate Bridge

Chart & course around the ‘Horn’

Sandy and I sailed on the Queen Mary II from Ft.Lauderdale to San Francisco, rounding the ‘Horn’ in style. It was the QM II’s first visit to San Francisco, so there was a lot of fuss. I tried to convince Sandy, all the fuss was due to my returning to the city of my youth…….couldn’t sell it!

People lined the bridge and we could almost talk to them. I swear I heard ‘welcome back Dan!’

Rounding the ‘Horn”,we had such a perfect day the Captain stopped the ship. The ship’s naturalist lectured with the history and the wrecks. It was a first for ship, Captain & crew!

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