Writing ‘Triceptive’ has caused me to pause, reflect and evaluate.  I am been very fortunate to be able to spend time at sea, a place I love.  I told Sandy, as we started across the Atlantic, that at some mid-point in the voyage, she would feel as most long distance sailors do, that you don’t want the solitude to end and she did.  The beautiful sea, sky, brilliant stars, sunrises, sunsets and oh yes, the fresh fish!  The biggest gift that the open sea gives one is perspective.  Sadly, too often we have to have a tragedy to gain a better perspective and see our values more clearly.  I, in this solitude, reflected on what a fantastic experience Friday’s and Friday’s people driven culture had been. I decided to try and impact the lives of others with a how to guide with what I believe will create success.  Not a bunch of big words or charts and graphs to dazzle but hard hitting practical management techniques that work.  Incredibly, as I was nearing completion of the book, I received a call from a new ‘kindred spirit’ who has been proving Friday’s founding principals for the last five years.  We had quite the meeting in San Francisco.  Karen Forrester’s story will now be the final chapter and an upbeat one at that.  Thank you Karen.

Here are some sunsets from sea and anchor. They are one of the wonders of sailing.

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