Rush РPrankster Extraordinaire 

Rick Corporate Office Oracle

Friday’s Corporate Office culture was unique to say the least. Long before casual Fridays, our dress code was casual everyday. Since politics and gossip, or as I call it ‘Car Pool Tunnel Syndrome’ were not a part of our culture, we needed other activities for diversion. We had an at cost beer machine for after hours consumption, which led very often to good natured fun. Rick, a popular figure, would herald the ‘latest’. He stood his post outside the creative arts department and mysteriously always knew the ‘latest’ and announced it by way of a sign around his neck.¬†Several months of hilarious diversion was created by the kidnapping of Rick. The ‘perp’ pictured above relaxing on S/V Black Diamond, communicated cryptically demanding some sort of ransom. He was eventually caught and put on trial, which was pretty funny in and of its self. Rick has retired to the hill country of Texas and Rush continues to look for mischief, while being a contributor to my upcoming book. In a tough working environment, I highly recommend fun & games over “Car Pool Tunnel Syndrome’.¬†